I would like to talk a little bit about ourselves and why we started this business. It has been my dream and also has been my hobby.
We come to Orlando 11 years ago for my boy's college education.Once they finished their school, we decided to stay in the United States and moved to Miami. It has been my dream to start my own business and open a coffee with ice-cream and sweets.
Cooking has always been my passion. Gastrology was my concentration during my high school education, and extended my knowledge with after high school education with different certificate programs. After my education, I opened my first coffee in Turkey. That was a great experience and have me courage to start our US business experience with this ice-cream business in Coral Gables area.
My kids and I thought Gelato ice-cream is liked by everyone and would be a good idea to start this business. Once we decided, started the required paperwork and worked on the permits needed for the business. It took us 18 months to complate all and finally open our business. I have to say, it has been a hard work, we had to start from zero and get the site ready in every regard.Bu we reached the finish line and made a cute little place, for everyone to come and enjoy super ice-cream, baklava(turkish sweet), turkish coffee and other variety of delicious food for everyone.
In addition to awesome food, great conversations you can have in out little coffee. Please feel like your home and come join us to share our place. We are very proud and looking forward to hosting you in our new coffee.
Kulturpark Company